Slot Overview: Ronin’s Honor

In this game, there is honor, retribution, warfare, a strict code of conduct, and ninjas. Play’n GO, one of the most prolific game developers in the world, has provided the online slot Ronin’s Honour as the backdrop for this epic battle. Ronin’s Honour seems to have attracted the imagination of the development team, as they have created a detailed cinematic environment to showcase the clash in a game with Mystery Mask symbols, splitting symbols, and Battle Free Spins, among other things.

Any online gambler with a soft spot for manga or karate should feel right at home with Ronin’s Honour. Sometimes a game is designed in such a manner that it makes you want to not only play it, but also do some background research online. According to Wikipedia, a ronin was a type of samurai in medieval Japan who served no lord or master and instead went wherever they pleased. A female samurai reportedly existed, and she is the one who guides players through Ronin’s Honour, so before Play’n GO gets the ‘woke’ label slapped on it, it’s worth noting that while samurai are typically represented as men in popular culture, there were actually female samurai. She faces up against Hannya and her goons at the left side of the screen, in front of a ruined landscape.

The game grid, with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 243 chances to win, can be seen to Ronin’s left. However, as symbols multiply, up to 59,049 win combinations may be in play. Ronin’s Honour is a risky game with a maximum return to player (RTP) of 96.22 percent. You may play it on any device, and the betting range goes from 5 pence per spin up to £/€25, so it’s suitable for players of all skill levels and financial means.

When identical symbols appear on neighboring reels, beginning with the first reel to the left, a winning combination is formed. Ronin’s Honour features 8 standard, money-making symbols. About four weapons and the levels J through A in calligraphy make up the remaining half. For the lower-paying royal symbols, a 5-of-a-kind win returns 0.6 to 0.8 times the wager, while a win including the higher-paying weapon symbols returns 3 to 10 times the wager. Ronin’s Honour has not one but two sorts of wilds: the Hannya Wild and the Ninja Wild. Both can step in for standard win-generating icons to increase your chances of success.

Slot Machine with Ronin Honor Features

Features of Ronin’s Honour include the Mystery Mask symbols, which can disclose prizes, and the Battle Free Spins, which might lead to a final fight with Hannya.

Anonymous Mask Symbol

Whether you’re playing the regular game or the free spins bonus, Mystery Mask symbols can appear anywhere on the reels. If a reel is hit by a Mystery Mask, it will reveal either a weapon pay symbol, a royal symbol, or a whole reel of Ninja Wild symbols. All of the pay symbols that appear at once are uniform in nature. In addition, the value of every exposed pay sign can be reduced to one, two, or three times its original value. Revealed stacked Ninja Wilds count as one way for the reel by default, but they can be broken into three or more Ninja Wilds to create a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 way combination.

Wars of Free Games

If you get 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols, you’ll win the Battle Free Spins bonus and either 1, 4, or 8 times your wager, depending on how many scatters you got. Ronin, our heroine, and Hannya, our antagonist, each get three lives when on free spins. If a stacked Ninja Wild is not divided throughout the round, Ronin loses a life. Hannya loses a life if she splits a stacked Ninja Wild.

If Hannya runs out of life, the player gets one extra free spin that makes up for it. This happens whenever a triple-stacked Hannya Wild appears on reels 3, 4, or 5. From reel one up to the reel to the left of the Hannya Wild, stacked mysterious monster symbols are sent. Three of the same kind of pay symbols are revealed across all five reels when stacked devil symbols are activated. Then, the revealed symbols can be divided anywhere from three to nine times per reel, with a maximum of three times per symbol. The Hannya Wild can be divided into three to nine equal halves. If the player loses all three of their lives during the free spins round, Hannya loses all three of her lives, or 50 free spins have been performed. A Hannya Free Spin will be granted if she loses her final life on the final 50th spin.

With Ronin Pride: Slot Judgment

Due to Play’n GO’s hectic release schedule, we are periodically given mediocre slot games like Wild Bandolier that feel like they were made without much care. Sometimes, though, an idea comes along like Ronin’s Honour, which seems to have captivated the studio’s imagination and prompted the team to focus on every aspect in order to produce something really unique: a slot that blends elements of animated film, video game, and online slot. To begin with, Ronin’s Honour delves deeply into Japanese culture and presents it in a way that is both fascinating and engrossing. It’s commendable that they stuck with the native tongue and offered subtitles for people who didn’t speak Japanese. By doing it this way, gamers are thrust headfirst into the culture, and exciting animated sequences replete with conversation, intrigue, and ninjas may be dialed in.

Finally, we go on to the games and just deserts; Ronin’s Honour is reminiscent of Nolimit City’s Bushido Ways xNudge. Ronin’s Honour has an equally cinematic air, if not more so, and is sure to please fans of Japanese movie, manga, and related media. There’s a great escalation between the game’s protagonist Ronin and the game’s antagonist Hannya, as Ronin sends out ninjas and Hannya (ideally) slices them to pieces. Getting to the hyped-up final Hannya Free Spin may seem like a massive battle, what with all the taunting and nasty talk thrown around by the various characters. There is little doubt that huge payouts are possible, with Ronin’s Honour offering a theoretical maximum of 30,000x the wager.

This sum demonstrates the power that can be generated from all the cutting, splitting, and additional ways, and places it on par with Bushido xWays, in case you were wondering. To sum up, if the idea of trying out a well-designed slot set in a feudal Japan immersed in combat seems cool to you, you should add Ronin’s Honour to your list of potential games to try.

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